51st Annual VTRS Banquet


April 4th, 2020
Time TBD

Please RSVP below! This will help us plan, but does not replace registration, which will open later in the year.

2020 51st Annual Banquet RSVP
Yes = I can definitely attendMaybe = It depends on my schedule, but I plan toNo = Definitely not
How many people are you RSVPing for, including yourself?
We currently have plans to have blocks at Hyatt Place and other hotels if needed. Availability may be limited or full at The Inn at Virginia Tech due to the increased freshman class.

The following members have confirmed they will be attending by marking 'Yes' or 'Maybe'.

Barry, San
Burgess, Jessica
Burnham Henderson, Annie
Butler, Michael
Camarillo, David
Chandler, Scott
Cheung, Carrie
Davis, Chandler
Davis, Jeremy
Davis, Marisela
Davis, Nathaniel
DeCourcy, Kristi
DeWulf, Amy Leigh
Ganesh, Priya
Hastings, Lee
Higginbotham, Sarah
Higgs, Jeff
High, Dan
Hirsh, Richard
Hirsh, Richard
Hodges, Roland
Holloman, Lauren
Huber, Ben
Hudson, Aram
hummel, russ
Jones, JT
Keith, Ashley
Key, Jim
Lindsay, Jane
Lumpkins, Kelsey
May, Robert
Maybach, Anita
McCandless, Faris
McGrail, Francis
O, Jon
Outten, Barry
Payne, Bill
Pehrsson, Pamela
Peterson, Bob
Pitts, Megan
Proulx, Jeffrey
Rainey, Katelyn
Rasmussen, Keith
Richardson, Meghan
Ricketts, Mark
Rock, Michael
Rock, Naomi
Roth, Sandra
Roth Hopkins, Holly
Rouse, Emma
Russell, Michael
Smith, Blake
Smith, Deborah
Smith, Jennifer
Spanski, Sarah
Steves, Ryan
Trigg, Joseph
Vance, Annie
Weand, David
Wen, Johnny
Williams, Lee
Yarnall, David