Who Are We

The Life Member and Alumni Association of the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad is an association of individuals who in the past served with the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad. A Life Member is someone who distinguished themselves in their service to VTRS and as such was bestowed the title in recognition by the active membership of the agency.



What Do We Do

It is the mission of the LMAA to support VTRS in its mission of providing round the clock emergency medical services to the campus of Virginia Tech as well as provide opportunities for LMAA members to reconnect and experience the camaraderie they felt when they were active members.

How Can I Get Involved

We invite any and all former members of VTRS to reconnect with us by creating an account on our website. Here you can find information about upcoming events and the plans we have for the future.

If you are not a former member of VTRS, but still wish to aid us in our mission, you can donate by clicking here. Additionally, if you have any services you feel you can offer to the LMAA or VTRS, please contact us.